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Gravesend - The Story of Pocahontas

Tuesday 04 Apr 2017   7:30pm

Gravesend - The Story of Pocahontas

Gravsesend tells the story of Pocahontas.

The real story…

Native American princess, a girl whose name literally meant playful one – Pocahontas was inquisitive, independent and had a strong sense of justice. In her mid-teens she was kidnapped by settlers in Jamestown and was used as leverage against the Native chief, her father. After “converting” to Christianity she married an Englishman from Norfolk whose Virginia leaf tobacco would later save the settlement and ultimately lead to the colonisation of America by the British. The marriage was the first multi-cultural union on American soil and led to a sustained period of peace.

She died and was buried in Gravesend, Kent on the 21st March 1617. She was 22. This play charts her story from childhood to motherhood, from native to gentlewoman, from hostage to wife and from real life to legend.

Please note: This performance is a PAY WHAT YOU DECIDE event – audience members will be asked to donate an amount of thier choosing at the end of the performance.

If you’re booking online there will be a £1 transaction fee and a further £1 if choosing to have your tickets posted. Alternatively you can book via the box office in person or on the phone, and either collect your tickets or print them at home (1 ticket per page.)

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