Room Hire: Auditorium technical information


With completely removable seating, highly flexible staging and state of the art lighting and sound facilities, our auditorium is ideal for a range of live performances plus conferences, seminars, presentations, film screenings and, with all seats removed, exhibitions.
Our auditorium can be set up as a 100 to 370 seat theatre or a 550 all-standing auditorium. Every area ,including the stage, is fully accessible.

Seating configurations

Configuration Max. capacity
All standing 550
Raked seating & remainder standing 440
Fully seated (‘theatre style’) 370
Raked seating & cabaret tables & chairs 292
Cabaret tables and chairs only 240
Raked seating only 212
Floor theatre seating only 150


Width 32ft or 9.7m. This also includes limited, variable wingspace|
Depth 22ft or 6.7m. This also includes (if applicable) a full stage cyclorama and set of black tabs.
Height 635mm Approx.
Grid Height 6.5m from floor variable
The grid is a flown truss. It is PROLYTE H30V.


The main grid system runs the majority of the length over the stage and auditorium to which all the lighting stage bars and PA are suspended from. We have limited bars, so please enquire before your arrival, to check what we have available.

Stage Suspension

10m upstage tab track 1
10m mid and upstage wipe track 2
10m cyclorama bar 1

Get In

The “Get-in” is from Freeschool Lane and access to the stage is through the foyer and into the back of the auditorium. The access doors are standard double door size. It is possible to unload but then you will have to arrange your own parking, as there is no parking on site.

Dressing Rooms

There are 2 dressing rooms on the same level as the stage, 1 of these dressing rooms doubles as a green room. Further facilities on the 1st floor if required. There are toilet facilities on the ground floor and kitchen facilities on the 1st floor floor.


There are no parking facilities on the Drill Hall site at all. However there is a NCP car park next door and a large multi-storey opposite the back of the building on Broadgate.


We do not have any house tabs as there is no fly tower.
Either a Cyclorama or black tabs upstage.

Side Masking
Possibility of 3x Black legs on either side of the stage to create wings.
We have 3x sets of hard masking flatage onstage.
All the cloths are fire proofed.

Lighting equipment


ETC ION 2 × 10 Fader wing
2 monitors
106 ways of dimming @ 2k5w through Chilli Bypass Dimmers.

Lantern Stock

| Strand SL 15/32 600watt profile | 12 | | Strand SL 23/50 600watt profile | 5 | | Strand SL 26 600watt profile | 6 | | Strand Quartet 10/40 650 watt Fresnel | 5 | | Strand Cantata 8.7/50.7 1200 watt Fresnel | 12 | | Strand Cantata 4.5/52.7 1200 watt PC | 6 | | Coda cyclorama floodlight 500 watt | 10 | | par 64 cans | 32 | | Martin mac 300 (fixed position in rig) | 4 | | Chauvet Colorado batten 144 tour | 5 | | Martin SCX500 | 4 | | i-move 250’s | 2 |

h2. Auditorium Lighting – house lights


All house lights are patched into the second universe of DMX


Chauvet Colordash Par-Tri 18VW 28
Pulse LED RGB Compact Par Wall lights 16


Selection of gobo holders, iris’s and barndoors.

We have a limited amount of TRS cabling. Please take this in to account and make provisions for this when sending in your Technical Requirements. If your requirement for extra cable exceeds our stock please inform our Technicial Manager at least 4 weeks in advance so that alternative arrangements can be made.

h.2 Sound Equipment


DiGiCo s21 1
Allen & Heath QU-16 1


D&B Audiotechnik 30D 2
QSC PLX1602 900/900 monitor 4
QSC PLX2402 700/700 drum fill 1


D&B Audiotechnik V7P – FOH 2
D&B Audiotechnik V10P – FOH 2
D&B Audiotechnik E8 – Front Fills & Dely 6
D&B Audiotechnik VG Sub 4
Turbosound TXD-12M monitors 5
Turbosound TXD-215 drum fill 1

F.O.H. Rack

Tascam Mini disc 1
Marantz twin tape deck 1
Marantz CD player 1
Yamaha SPX 2000 effects unit 2
Behringer Quad compressor 2
Behringer Quad Gate 2
BSS FCS-966 32 band Equaliser 3
Behringer FBQ3102 32 band Equaliser 1

Microphones and Stands

Trantec UHF Hand held radio mic. 1
Sennheiser handheld radio mic. 1
Shure SM 58 vocal mic. 5
Shure SM 57 instrument mic. 5
AKG C1000 condenser mic. 2
Sennheiser drum pack 1
EMO E520 DI box 5
Canford active 1
Sennheiser SEMS3135 boom mic stands 8
Sennheiser SEMS3235 low-level mic stands 6

We have limited amounts of XLR cable. Please take this in to account and make provisions for this when sending in your Technical Requirements. If your requirement for extra cable exceeds our stock please inform our Technicial Manager at least 4 weeks in advance so that alternative arrangements can be made.

Small Rack

A small pa system is available for use in the rehearsal rooms or as a separate control to patch into the main house system if your stage manager controls sound from the side of stage.

Soundcraft E8 Desk
Phonic Max1500 amp.
Denon DRM555 Cassette deck
Denon DCD485 CD player
Sony MDSJE 480 Mini Disc player
Behringer FBQ3102 Ultragraph Pro 31 band stereo graphic

In all cases it is the responsibility of the visiting company to check with the Technical Department to ensure that the information contained herein is up to date and correct.

All electrical equipment coming in to the venue from visiting companies must be PAT tested with validated stickers.

For Further information please contact Joe Price, Technical Manager:

Lincoln Drill Hall, Freeschool Lane, Lincoln, LN2 1EY
Tel: (01522) 873891 / Fax: (01522) 873890
Email: or


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