By remembering Lincoln Drill Hall in your will, you could benefit future audiences so that they too can experience our diverse programme that entertains, uplifts and inspires. Every legacy we receive – no matter how small – is a lasting gift that will enrich and help others for years to come. Legacies can also help us to continue our extensive range of education and outreach projects, so your gift will have a strong impact on the wider community.

Lincoln Drill Hall needs to maintain and build its financial resources to meet future challenges – not just rising costs, but also reductions in government funding. Legacies allow us to plan ahead in the knowledge that funding will be available in the future. We understand that this may be a sensitive matter, so any inquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence.


Gifts to charities such as Lincoln Drill Hall can help to minimise inheritance tax. All charitable donations are tax free and as of April 2012, the government has discounted the rate of Inheritance Tax from 40% to 36% for anyone leaving at least 10% of their estate to charity. On a £1m estate, for example, this means that a 10% donation will only cost your beneficiaries £16,200 but Lincoln Drill Hall would receive £67,500. Leaving a legacy can therefore be one way of keeping the taxman away from your hard-earned resources, while enabling you to support us without an immediate financial outlay. Any size of gift will be put to good use at Lincoln Drill Hall, so even if you have not previously thought about charitable giving in your will, please consider supporting our work by leaving a gift for future generations to benefit from.


Gifts can come in many forms, from a specific amount of money to a percentage of your residuary estate. If you are preparing a new will, we are happy to talk through your plans but we recommend that you seek help from a solicitor before actually going ahead. If you already have a will, you can simply make an amandment (a codicil) to include us. In either case you will need to know the following information:

Charity name: Lincoln Arts Trust Ltd, trading as Lincoln Drill Hall

Address: Lincoln Drill Hall, Freeschool Lane, Lincoln, Lincolnshire LN2 1EY

Charity registration number: 1137366

Of course, we will respect your wishes if you would like to remain anonymous. But if you are able to let us know that you are considering a legacy you will help us to plan ahead for the future of the Drill Hall and also give us a chance to thank you personally.

To discuss a legacy with us, contact (01522) 873891 or email

This initiative is supported by Wilkin Chapman LLP Solicitors


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