This Christmas, you’re invited to the ball… so we thought we’d help you choose what to wear!

Have some fun with our Snapchat panto character lenses and choose who you’d like to come as to the most magical panto of them all!

Will it be the beautiful Cinderella herself, with sparkling tiara and radiant smile? Or perhaps you’d prefer to be the square-jawed Adonis, Prince Charming?

Share them with your friends and don’t forget to post them on our Facebook page! There’ll be more lenses released the nearer we get to panto time, so look out for them as they’re added and try them on for size.

Your pumpkin carriage awaits! Book before the clock strikes midnight!

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without the Drill Hall Panto!

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Prince Charming

Fairy Godmother

Pumpkin Face







Cinderella snapchat lens