Feel the love with our ‘My Lincoln Drill Hall’ story page!

The people featured on this page have taken the time to share their experiences of Lincoln Drill Hall and tell everyone why they love this place so much. For over 120 years this building has been at the heart of Lincoln’s social life. It’s provided a place to come together and celebrate, learn, enjoy each other’s company and relax in the centre of our beautiful city. Since its rebirth in 2004 it’s continued to do all that and more! From confidence building to life changing opportunities to get involved in the arts, we try to change people’s lives for the better.

We’ve been so touched at the out-pouring of support for our ‘Be A Brick’ fundraising campaign, and the performers who visit us have been just as generous with their time and talents!  Enjoy their messages here, and keep an eye out for more to come!

Why not send your ‘My Lincoln Drill Hall’ story in too and let us know what you love about your local arts centre? Email them to us and we’ll pop them on our page.

  • Michael Morpurgo

    During his sell out 2018 visit to Lincoln Drill Hall, Michael led us all in a touching rendition of the song he featured in his wonderful story ‘War Horse.’ Michael said of Lincoln Drill Hall “I have loved coming to Lincoln Drill Hall. It is always well attended, and enthusiastically... View Article

  • The Blues Band sing the ‘Be A Brick’ blues

    The amazing Blues Band were so moved by our ‘Be A Brick’ campaign that they penned a quick rendition of the brand new ‘Be A Brick’ blues to get the word out!

  • Fairport Convention

    ‪Huge thanks to the legendary Fairport for their lovely message of support!  They also bought several bricks themselves which you can search for on our wall here. P.S. Sorry for the unprofessional giggling, but couldn’t help it! 😄

  • Clare Teal

    Clare made her first visit to Lincoln Drill Hall in February 2019 and she was very keen to say a few words and make her own appeal for support for us.

  • Jason Donovan

    On his recent visit to Lincoln Drill Hall, Jason Donovan very kindly took a few moments to lend his support to our brick sponsorship fundraising campaign. Here he is, asking for your help to secure your Lincoln Drill Hall’s future… as he says “to help keep people like me, coming... View Article

  • Dreamland Drama group

    Dreamland Drama participants tell us how they feel about their drama club at Lincoln Drill Hall.

  • Butterfly Club Stories

    Find out why our monthly Butterfly Club disco for people with disabilities and their friends, families and carers is so popular, and see your donations in action.

  • The Melton Family

    The Melton family have literally grown up with Fishtank Youth Theatre at the Drill Hall. Have a look at this short video to hear why they love it, and how it continues to play a part in their lives.  Fishtank is made possible by your donations so on behalf of... View Article

  • Beryl’s Story

    After visiting the Drill Hall to watch her granddaughter perform in a show, Beryl Pickwell contacted us with a beautiful letter describing her visits to the venue just after the war when she was a teenager.  She painted a wonderful picture of big bands, handsome airmen and excited girls rushing... View Article

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