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3 July 2018 at 12:58 pm

Lincoln Lottery has launched!

Article Author:
Edward Dixon

Lincoln Lottery has launched and the Lincoln Drill Hall is one of the causes

Set up to support community projects in the local area, the Lincoln Lottery operates on the principle of raising money within the community for the community. We empower local good causes to raise money in a fun and effective way.

In a time of shrinking budgets and increased community need, Lincoln Community Lottery enables people to support the causes they care most about, helping good causes to connect with their supporters.

A ticket for the Lincoln Community Lottery costs £1 per week and 60p will go directly to good causes! If you choose the Lincoln Drill Hall as your cause, 50p of every £1 you put in will come to us. The other 10p is used to support other good causes in Lincoln.


But this isn’t just for us!

There are also plenty of reasons for you personally to want to get tickets. With prizes coming out of our ears, you’ll want everyone involved. The odds are awesome- with 50/1 chance of winning. Prizes can be £25, £250, £2,000 or a whopping £25,000!

Come check out the website for more information and make the Drill Hall your cause.

Lincoln Community Lottery Page


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