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13 November 2018 at 9:09 am

Spring’s Pay What You Decide

Article Author:
Edward Dixon

Pay what you decide this Spring

As I am sure many of our eagle-eyed followers are already aware, our Spring Brochure has just sprung. There are so many awesome shows coming along to get everyone excited (Perhaps a few Christmas gifts in the making??). I have listed a few of the ‘pay what you decide’ favourites that are coming very very soon.

Just remember: all you need to do is book the show online or from our box office (for free), and you can pay whatever you think it is worth at the end of the show. So there is genuinely no pressure to spend anything! Pay what you decide is that simple. We’ll see you there.


Luca Rutherford’s Political Party

Friday 8th February

Luca reached a point where thinking about politics made her want to lie down on the pavement and not get up. Instead of doing this she is throwing a party. A political party. There will be music, dancing and eggs! No know-it-alls. No big words. You are invited!

This is a show about how we do politics instead of talking about it.

We Are What We Overcome

Saturday 16th February

Fresh from a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe, uplifting anthemic tunes punctuate stories and conversation, shedding light on Mental Health with self-depreciating honesty and dark humour.

‘Moments of bright energy shine through’ – Storge
‘Songs with substance, somewhere between Folk, Gospel & pure Rock n Roll’ – Liveamp.com

Sonia Sabri Company: Virago

Wednesday 27th February

Virago means ‘female warrior’ in Latin and Vira is ‘the brave one’ in Hindi. A Virago is a woman of great stature, strength, and courage. The show explores the choices and decisions we must make as we go through life regardless of gender: there is no clear path to do the right thing, only options, and not all of them are easy.

‘Virago’ is vibrant, compelling, brave and dynamic. It explores the light vs dark and the real vs fairytale versions of female existence, teasing the audience with perceptions and misconceptions of the woman and gender.

Beyond The Horizon: Metamorphosis

Wednesday 6th March

‘As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a monstrous vermin.’

​The critically-acclaimed Beyond The Horizon present their haunting, twisted reimagining of Franz Kafka’s absurd tale.

One morning, Gregor wakes up and doesn’t feel quite right. He soon realises that – seemingly for no reason whatsoever – he has been cursed with an affliction unlike any other. Before long the metamorphosis takes hold of his mind and his loved ones, transforming their love for him into disgust and his love for them into torment.

Bess- The Commoner Queen

Thursday 14th March

A unique insight into the political intrigues of Elizabethan England, as witnessed first-hand by “Bess of Hardwick”. Bess was the closest female friend and Lady-in-Waiting to Elizabeth I and, at the same time, confidante to Mary Queen of Scots, whom Bess and her 4th husband (the Earl of Shrewsbury) kept under “house-arrest” for over 15 years until Mary’s execution.

This is a female story of survival and astonishing business success in the brutal world of Elizabethan politics.

Lost in Translation Circus: Hotel Paradiso

Friday 19th April

Spectacle, comedy, drama and delight – Lost in Translation Circus present a brilliantly funny new circus/theatre show for all the family.

Meet Madame and the charming staff of the quirkily ineffective Hotel Paradiso – and their arch enemy the dastardly Banker, who schemes to repossess the hotel. As the tenants introduce us to their beloved home we witness their battle with the Banker. Will they manage to stay open, or will they be forced to move on?

The cast of 6 highly skilled acrobats, clowns and jugglers tell the story of how the tenants battle to save their home and livelihood.

Vamos Theatre: A Brave Face

Wednesday 24th April

Ryan is there to see the world, learn a trade, get a life. Training is complete, combat is a buzz; he’s part of a team, and knows his job. But on one particular hot and desperate tour of duty, Ryan sees things he can’t talk about, to anyone. And then, when he returns home, the trouble really begins.

A Brave Face explores Post-Traumatic Stress, an unseen and often unrecognised injury of war, and the impact it can have on even the closest of families. With compassion and fearlessness, Vamos brings its trademark, wordless, full mask style to a story that needs to be told.

A Brave Face is suitable for audiences aged 12 years and upwards, and is accessible to hearing and d/Deaf audiences alike.


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