Did you know that since 2010 Lincoln Drill Hall has been a registered charity? We’re dedicated to giving everyone the chance to experience live performance both as an audience member and using the arts for positive change. Across 800+ events, shows and hires each year we really make a difference!

We Change Lives:

In 2015-16 we had over 1500 attendances at youth theatre, 1100 at our Butterfly Club for people with disabilities and over 500 formative experiences for toddlers at our Happy Monday’s Club.

‘Thankyou so much for being such a huge part of my life and helping to make me who I am today. From a member of Fishtank (youth theatre) to a trustee this building helped me grow in ways I cannot even express.’ – Scarlett Rowland.

We Change Place:

90% of people believe that we enhance the sense of community in Lincoln.

95% of people believe that Lincoln Drill Hall is welcoming to the whole community.

We Change Perceptions:

‘The Drill hall fulfils just about all our cultural aspirations and has introduced us to new experiences as well.’ Mr M Stringer – Drill Hall Friend.

‘…This show opened my eyes and understanding to many a question I have been asked as a clinician, but also taught me so much.’ – Audience member at 2016’s Getting Better Slowly.