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30 January 2018 at 9:25 am

Theatre at the Drill Hall this Spring

Article Author:
Edward Dixon

Spring Theatre 2018

The Drill Hall is proud to host some of the most incredible theatre to be found in the city! This Spring is no different. Consequently we have work from the UK’s finest touring theatre visit this season and, of course, some magnificent local work which you can’t miss. We have listed the highlights below:



Casket Case – 22nd February

Lightning. Heights. Raw Meat. Bears. Knives. Spiders… and death..

Casket Case is a show about our fear of death, dying and being dead. It’s about Jozey, who doesn’t really do anything that could possibly, even slightly, increase her risk of dying. Not even putting salt on her chips. Madness.

Her anxieties are spiraling out of control and her friends are faced with just two options – kill, or cure. Casket Case is part story, part cabaret, part totally morbid curiosity. After all, none of us are getting out of here alive.


Finding Nana – 28th February

“Room 17. Four walls full of lipstick, laughter, hairspray and Horlicks. Nana is nut brown and wrinkled with chicken fillets for arms. That’s what we say. She treats me like I’m way more amazing than I actually am.”

The play is set in a seaside hotel of halcyon childhood summers. An autobiographical piece written by award-winner Jane Upton- the play will chart the journey back to find a beloved Nana before has she forgotten who she was.


The Damned United – 1st March

It is 1974. Brian Clough, the enfant terrible of British football, tries to redeem his managerial career and reputation by winning the European Cup with his new team. Leeds United. The team he has openly despised for years, the team he hates and which hates him. Don Revie’s Leeds.

Originally co-produced with the West Yorkshire Playhouse, The Damned United will take you inside the tortured mind of a genius slamming up against his limits. It brings to life the beauty and brutality of football, the working man’s ballet.


Crimes Under the Sun – 2nd May

Award-winning theatre company New Old Friends present Crimes Under the Sun. The show is a comedy thriller, directed by James Farrell (Associate Director – 39 Steps, West End).

Inspired by Agatha Christie, 39 Steps and film noir, welcome to an hilarious yet murderous trip to a classic English Riviera retreat. The show features the company’s trademark of just four actors playing multiple outrageous characters, and a plot that races along in a romp.




 We can’t wait to see you there!! #youknowthedrill #like #share.