Can’t make it after all?

If the event has more than one performance, we can usually exchange your tickets to another day. We can’t exchange for a completely different show though – because each show has a different promoter, that’d be like buying an orange from one supermarket and trying to return it to another.  If we can switch dates for you, you’ll need to bring the original tickets back to us at the Box Office before we can give you the new ones.  Unfortunately, we can’t give refunds.

Can you buy my tickets back?

If the show is completely sold out and we have a waiting list, we can offer to try and resell your tickets. Please note there is no guarantee we’ll be able to find someone who wants to buy them, but if we do, we’ll cancel your booking and refund you.  We’ll need your original tickets back in order to do this.

Do you ever get returns?

Yes we sometimes do get tickets returned to us for re-sale – they’re offered to Lincoln Drill Hall Friends and those on our Member+ scheme first, so if you’d like to be in with a chance of grabbing a ticket to a sell out (not to mention priority booking, free postage and other perks!) then please look out for our membership schemes which go on sale on 1st Sep 2017.

Lost your ticket?

We can reprint your tickets on the night of the show for you to collect at the Box Office. We usually ask to see proof of your identity for this so please allow plenty of time before the start of the performance.

Can tickets be posted out?

If you’d like your tickets to be posted we’ll ask for a standard £1 postage fee which gets added to the total of your booking. If you need your tickets right away then we recommend you choose our Print@Home delivery option which will email your tickets out immediately (one page per ticket,) or the third option is to collect them from the Box Office when you arrive.

Why are there different prices?

We split our auditorium into three price bands to offer a range of prices based on buying patterns, and where we feel you’ll have a great experience. Our ticket prices are subject to change as the theatre fills, so by booking early you can be sure to secure your seats at the best price. From our Spring 2018 season, wheelchair users’ tickets will match the most affordable price band available at each stage of sale. For their companions/carers, tickets will always be £12. Under 26yr olds pay just £12 anywhere in the auditorium (subject to availability.) Look out for Season Tickets to get the best deals!

Can I take a pushchair/Rock-a-tot seat into the theatre?

We’re sorry but due to fire regulations and the limited amount of space inside the auditorium, we can’t admit pushchairs or Rock-a-tot seats.  However we’ll be happy to store them for you during the show so please ask a member of the Front of House team when you arrive.

Why are the front seats cheaper?

Performers love seeing your smiling faces and we believe there should be accessible priced tickets for all. There’ll always be over 1500 tickets at £12 or less every season! You just need to book early to ensure you get them!

Why can’t I book seats at the back?

If you’re booking early we like to reward you with terrific seats, smashing prices and a wonderful atmosphere. To ensure the best experience for both you and the performers, some seats are not offered for sale until seats towards the front of the theatre are sold. If you have any specific access requirements please ask one of our friendly sales team.

What happens if I’m late?

We’ll try our best to get you to your seats at the earliest available point in the performance. Sometimes this won’t be until the interval – it depends on the show and what the visiting company have told us. We’ll get you in there asap though. Promise.

Do young children, toddlers and babies need a ticket?

Babies and children aged 2yrs and under won’t usually need a ticket (some kids shows change this policy) but we’ll still need to know they’re coming for our fire regulations. Just let the Box Office team know when you book.  Please note that children under the age of 16 will need to be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Can I reserve tickets without paying for them straight away?

Yes – we’ll hold tickets for up to 3 days for you without payment.  They’ll automatically be released at the end of the third day.  Please be aware that our ticket prices will often rise with demand so the total of your reservation may change – take a look at our Season Tickets and Memberships to see lots of ways to save.

Can you post my merchandise purchase out to me?

If it’s something we can pop in an envelope with your tickets such as a play text, a car sticker or a wristband then by all means we’ll post them to you.  It might add a small extra delivery charge which will be displayed with the item and applied at the checkout.  For things like puppets, books, mugs etc we’ll ask you to come in and collect those because they’re just a bit bulky.

Can I film/photograph the performance?

In short, no.  Shows are copyrighted – in the same way that it’s illegal to record footage of a film at the cinema, live theatre, music gigs and dance shows are also not to be filmed or photographed.  It’s really distracting for the performers if they’re seeing flashes going off all over the auditorium and unfair to fellow audience members.

Mobile Phones

All mobile phones must be switched off for the duration of the show. We totally understand if you’re expecting an urgent call and if that’s the case, please leave your phone with one of our friendly Front of House team who’ll be very happy to alert you.  But texting, posting on social media sites and taking/making non-urgent calls may mean that we have to confiscate your phone until the end of the show.

I have a question that you haven’t answered!

Give us a call on 01522 873894 or email us and we’ll do our best to help.