Meet our prices!  Events in our main auditorium will use one of these 6 different price structures.

You’ll notice our prices state “starting from”… make sure you book sooner rather than later as these prices won’t last forever. As the theatre fills, our prices are subject to change in line with demand, so we’ll always advise you to buy early to get your seats at the best price.

Plus don’t forget to look out for our Season Tickets and Memberships to find out more ways to save while you support!


Wheelchair users

Your ticket price will always match the best price available – so if there are still seats at Band C then your seats will be Band C. As with all our seating, your seat prices will rise with demand so it’s best to book early to ensure you get your tickets at the best price!

Under 26 years old or a Carer/Companion to a wheelchair user?

Your tickets are always £12 or less no matter where you’re sitting (subject to availability.)

There’ll always be over 1500 tickets at £12 or less on sale every season…

but book early because once they’re gone, they’re gone!