Every season, we have a selection of shows that are unique; there’s no need to pay anything up front to see these shows. You simply book your tickets in the normal way, enjoy the show, and then leave a donation of whatever you feel it was worth on your way out.  Couldn’t be easier!

Have you joined our Pay What You Decide Club?

Join us for fantastic stories at a price of your choosing!  Simply pick up your loyalty card at the box office and each time you attend a Pay What You Decide event, get it stamped.  On your 5th event exchange your loyalty card at the bar for a free glass of wine!

Our current Pay What You Decide programme

It’s still really important to book your tickets because these tend to be very popular, so don’t delay, book today!

The Naughty Fox 1st Feb

Wolf 16 Feb

Henry Moon and the Greasy Spoon 20 Feb

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & My Hyde 24 Feb

In The Spotlight Wed 26 Feb/Thur 27 Feb

Thunder Road 27 Feb

Dreamland Drama Show 3 March

Ish 6 March

The Twisted Tale of Hansel and Gretel 28 March

Smile Club 1 April

Vamos Theatre: Dead Good 2 April

Ockham’s Razor: This Time 17-19 April

Daniel Bye: These Hills Are Ours 22 April

Toussaint to Move: Windows of Displacement 29 April